Use case:
Feasibility study

Our client was looking for an evidence-based approach to conduct clinical trial feasibility studies, for a new drug to treat asthma.
They needed to have additional certainty on multiple aspects of the trial, before launching the project.

  • Information on target population:

    • Will it be possible to find patients that also comply with criteria of also having a specific allergy?
    • What are their demographic characteristics?

  • Information on standard of care treatment:

    • How many patients are treated with long-term and/or quick relief treatments?

  • Information on sites:

    • How many sites will be needed in order to meet patient-recruitment targets?
    • Which sites are the most suitable ones?
    • What enrollment timelines can be expected?


Aggregated Real World Data, with Compass

Interface to perform unlimited queries. Aggregate instant data on criteria-compliant patient cohorts.


Feasibility trials tasks, covered

5 sites chosen

By using hospital-level information.

Only two drugs were prescribed to 95% of patients

Poor outcomes leave room for new drugs.

Accurate enrollment schedule

Previos estimates were half the actual time. Compass allowed better preparation.

Patient profiling

Insights on age, sex and other diseases on specific patient cohorts.

Detailed infographic


List of available hospitals