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Our Automated Concept Mapping System is capable to standardize data into the OMOP Common Data Model automatically, through leveraging vector representations of internal source code descriptions.

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Automated Concept mapping.

Our technology leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to automate mapping of all internal source codes of the hospital to OMOP CDM.  The automation of code assignment is achieved through a vector search-based approach. Our system creates vector representations of hospital internal code descriptions, which capture the relevant syntactic and semantic text features, ensuring that similar registers exhibit correspondingly similar representations. Therefore, assigning standard codes becomes a matter of performing similarity searches within the vector space: the OMOP code associated with the most similar vector is assigned to the record we aim to map. 

Efficient automated mapping of internal source codes to OMOP CDM concepts.

June 3, 2023

Our automated concept mapping system provides an efficient way of mapping source codes to OMOP concepts. By utilizing text-based vector representations and knowledge transfer, our system can find equivalent mappings from other hospitals, thereby reducing the time and effort required for manual mapping.

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Our added value: unique 
concept mapping model.   

Code Descriptions 

​Our technology is capable to preprocess and later vectorize internal hospital descriptions through a Natural Language Processing Model. 

Clinical Validation and 

Our clinical specialists, who are trained medical annotators, validate the model results using a dedicated internal interface tailored specifically for this purpose. ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the outcomes attained through our technology. 

Vector Search 

Through the implementation of vector search techniques, we achieve the acquisition of standardized codes, enabling seamless automation in the encoding process.

Update OMOP 

After the QA process, the confirmed codifications are efficiently uploaded into the OMOP CDM. This seamless integration ensures that data is harmonized and standardized, promoting interoperability and facilitating comprehensive healthcare analysis and research for healthcare organizations.



Being certified by EHDEN demonstrates our expertise in OMOP CDM and signifies our commitment to fostering a seamless and standardized healthcare data ecosystem in Europe and beyond. This recognition strengthens our determination to propel medical research forward, improve patient care, and promote healthcare innovation through the utilization of Real-world data.


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