Streamlined observational studies by harnessing the power of data technology to activate a wealth of diverse and comprehensive information from real-world clinical practice.

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The DERMACLEAR study: Verification results of a natural language processing system in dermatology

Results from the DERMACLEAR study will increase the real-world evidence of clinical practice, obtaining a large amount of information on patients with the studied diseases. The NLP system used is precise in identifying patients.

August 11, 2023

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Having an up-to-date and high-quality Real-World Data  is crucial for retrospective observational studies in medical and scientific research. High-quality RWD ensures that researchers can conduct robust analyses and support evidence-based medical and policy decisions, ultimately enhancing healthcare and public health.

IOMED's approach.

IOMED's technology has streamlined and expedited the process of gathering real-world data for different research projects. The efficiency and accuracy of IOMED's data activation technology play a pivotal role in advancing research timelines significantly. IOMED becomes the strategic ally in the collaboration between the hospital and other healthcare players by structuring healthcares' organizations clinical data, making it more accessible and useful.

Our technology.

Automated Concept 

Our technology can automate mapping and structuring data from all hospital data sources, including laboratory results, radiology reports or pharmacy information. This automated process streamlines the structucturing of diverse data formats into a standardized model

Common Data Model.

Our technology standardizes all hospital data into OMOP Common Data Model. Disposing of standardized data allows healthcare organizations to harness its potential through collaborations with healthcare players and build a data-driven healthcare ecosystem.

Natural Language 

Our AI-powered technology and Natural Language Processing systems can comprehend free-text inputs from clinical notes and extract relevant information contextually. It's not just about keyword extraction, it's about a deep understanding of the information, ensuring its high-quality through a double quality assurance.

Data Federation 

Our federated data model ensures robust data security by keeping all data within hospital's facilities. This empowers hospitals to engage in research and collaboration while maintaining the utmost data protection, compliant with GDPR.

Significant Outcomes.

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Preventive Healthcare.

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Connecting Healthcare.

We serve as a key ally for healthcare organizations and  life-science industry, facilitating the exchange of valuable insights and resources.

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Main References.

Protected data. 
Empowered healthcare.

We strictly adhere to the principles and regulations set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our stringent compliance measures ensure that individual rights and data security are upheld at every step. We are committed to maintain the highest ethical standards while facilitating healthcare players leverage the power of data to drive meaningful healthcare insights.

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