Our team - Committed with healthcare.

In the conjunction between the latest technology and medical knowledge lies the secret to a sustainable and quality health care.

A high quality health care

As a basic pillar of society and the welfare state, health care must be able to meet all the needs of citizens with the highest level of benefit.

A sustainable health care

In a context of economic tensions and a aging population, health care must take measures to be an economically sustainable service in the long term.


Photo of Gabriel de Maeztu.

Gabriel de Maeztu

Medical doctor & Data Scientist

Photo of Alvaro Abella

Alvaro Abella

Biotechnologist & Bioinformatician

Photo of Javier de Oca

Javier de Oca

BBA & Expert in international marketing

Advisory board

Photo of Oriol Pascual.

Roser Artal

Corporate Business Development Advisor

Healthcare Consultant

Photo of Marta Princep.

Marta Princep

Investment Advisor

Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Bellavista Legal Barcelona. Advisor at Richi Foundation.

Photo of Oriol Pascual.

Oriol Pascual

Strategy Advisor

Director of IQS Tech Factory.

Photo of Pierre Pontevia.

Pierre Pontevia

Technical Advisor

Chief Research Officer at Sensopia