Cantabria, the first community to bet on Artificial Intelligence for all its clinical records

The SCS will implement the IOMED tool in primary care and hospitals and will take advantage of its implementation to become a pole of attraction for health research

April 4, 2022

April 4, 2022

The Cantabrian Health Service (SCS) will be the first in Spain to bet entirely on artificial intelligence (AI), developed by IOMED Medical Solutions, to structure the electronic medical records (EHR) of its entire health system.

Thus, Cantabria will have an AI and machine learning tool that will allow it to work with millions of clinical data both from the three hospitals in the region (Valdecilla, Sierrallana-Tres Mares and Laredo) and from all Primary Care centers.

This technology will allow health professionals and researchers to access the millions of data stored in the SCS in a tenth of the time that would be used in a manual investigation and cross consultations with other centers, which is known as federated clinical research. In this way, the SCS hopes that Cantabria will become a pole of attraction for national and international health research.

According to the Spanish Registry of Clinical Studies (REec), Cantabria is the fourth community in number of clinical trials per inhabitant, only behind Madrid, Catalonia and Navarra, a position that will be reinforced and even improved with this initiative.

The tool has been provided by IOMED Medical Solutions to the SCS free of charge. Its function is to transform the EHR data found in free text (clinical notes, clinical course, evolution, medical diagnostic test reports, discharge reports, surgical intervention reports, etc.) into a coded database using vocabularies standard clinical (SNOMED, ​​ICD-9, ICD-10, LOINC, etc).

To do this, the system launches artificial intelligence and natural language processing processes that structure all the written information and provide exhaustive knowledge of millions of patient data, with which the symptoms of many diseases can be better identified and more accurate diagnosis and treatment. All data is anonymized to comply with the law and remains on the servers of the SCS.

For the Minister of Health, Raúl Pesquera, “IOMED’s commitment to artificial intelligence will allow Cantabria to take a giant step forward in research that will result in better service for patients”.

The SCS joins a federated clinical research network

Leading research centers in Europe already use AI to share their search queries without transferring sensitive patient data. This allows collaboration between different hospitals, in a federated clinical research network, in order to carry out clinical studies that incorporate millions of data from thousands of patients and publish in high-impact scientific journals.

For his part, Javier de Oca, CEO and co-founder of IOMED, ​​highlighted the relevance of this agreement. “Cantabria will become the first autonomous community to launch our tool in all its medical centers and hospitals in the public network. This will allow health professionals and SCS researchers to have very valuable information to improve health care and for the Cantabrian centers to appear in high-impact scientific journals”, he indicated.


IOMED Medical Solutions is a Spanish company based in Barcelona that has developed a clinical data extraction and processing technology to structure Electronic Medical Records stored in hospitals.

Thanks to this Natural Language Processing technology, it facilitates access to clinical data for professionals and researchers in hospitals in order to speed up clinical research, always keeping data protection and privacy as a priority.

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