IOMED presents at the 2021 OHDSI Global Symposium the work carried out by the team with OMOP Common Data Model.

From September 12 to 15, the 2021 OHDSI Global Symposium took place in virtual format, where IOMED participated by presenting the work of the team of developers with the OMOP Common Data Model and Natural Language Processing.

September 17, 2021

The Global Symposium, organized by the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics, is an international program that aims to unite in a network all those researchers, professionals, and observational databases headquartered at Columbia University, whose network is based on OMOP Common Data Model. This OMOP data model, used by IOMED, ​​allows the collection of information in a homogeneous way in different institutions.

The OHDSI Global Symposium is held every year with the objective of improving the health of patients by empowering a community to collaborate in the generation of evidence that promotes better decision-making in health and, at the same time, improves health care.

In this last edition, IOMED has been able to present, as a collaborator, the work it has been developing with OMOP Common Data Model. IOMED presented an extension to this common data model to store the output of Natural Language Processing pipelines.

In the video below, you can watch the presentation made by Mónica Arrúe, on behalf of the IOMED team: “Extending the OMOP CDM to store the output of NLP pipelines”