Santiago García, CIO of the Government of Cantabria, together with IOMED at the XXIV National Congress of Health Informatics

Last June, IOMED participated in the XXIV National Congress on Health Informatics organized by the Spanish Society for Health Informatics (SEIS).

August 10, 2021

This year’s edition, which took place in Madrid from June 21 to 23, was held under the slogan “The evolution of the digital ecosystem in Health.” It brought together 800 professionals from the Spanish healthcare industry, 500 of them in person, one of the great values ​​of the congress. Among the attendees, the high number of executives, those responsible for information technology, senior officials of public administrations, and pioneering technological collaborators in the sector, such as IOMED, ​​stood out.

During the Congress, IOMED had the opportunity to make a presentation together with Santiago García Blanco, Healthcare CIO of the Government of Cantabria. The main objective of this presentation was to expose the difficulties that hospitals and researchers have in accessing the data stored in the Electronic Medical Record and how Artificial Intelligence is a key tool to solve this handicap. 

Santiago García explained the difficulties that the Cantabrian Health System has to access and be able to give value to all the data which is stored in Cantabrian hospitals since most of these are in an unstructured format. Initiatives such as the EHDEN project, based on the use of a common data language (OMOP) for all data (RWD) of the Electronic Health Record, will facilitate and give value to the data stored in Cantabrian hospitals. In order to transform all the unstructured clinical information in these structured databases in OMOP format, Santiago García explained why the Cantabrian Health System has decided to trust IOMED technology and how they expect this technology,  based on Natural Language Processing for the structuring of Electronic Medical Records, will solve these difficulties and allow professionals and researchers of the Cantabrian Health System to facilitate access to data, thus improving health care and accelerating the clinical research.

We are very happy to have participated in the XXIV National Congress of Health Informatics and we hope to meet again in the next edition.

You can see the full presentation below: