Personalized medicine. The (r) evolution in patient care

July 29, 2021

We, human beings, are all alike, similar, of course! But we are also unique and different from each other. The complexity of human biology will never cease to amaze us.

We are at a time when it is possible to transform health care as we knew it until now, moving towards what is known as personalized or precision medicine: an emerging practice of medicine that uses the genetic profile of an individual to guide decisions made regarding disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. 1

It is a very ambitious diagnostic and treatment tool that will allow, beyond diagnosing or treating, to prevent certain pathologies in individuals genetically predisposed to suffer them.

Currently, there are three pillars considered in the development of personalized medicine: precision diagnosis (genomic sequencing and liquid biopsy), the development of innovative therapies aimed at specific biomarkers of each patient, and the analysis of patient data with tools such as the Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning. 2

We will focus on this last point. And it is that access and use of patient data from daily clinical practice which has enormous potential to develop targeted therapies based on the history and genetic information of each patients.

From IOMED, ​​thanks to the digitization of the clinical information of the patients, we access the data contained in the Electronic Medical Records (EHR). We facilitate the exploration of this type of information thanks to our NLP tool (Natural Language Processing), an Artificial Intelligence technique that allows us to recognize and process data in free text format, obtaining as a result standardized and interoperable databases of patients.

We structure and facilitate access to medical Real World Data (RWD) so that it is possible to move towards increasingly achievable precision medicine.

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