Launch of a new product. Compass, Real World Data instantly.

February 5, 2021

The initial idea to develop Compass came from IOMED’s experience in clinical research projects. Without a doubt, all of us at IOMED enjoy the entire process of each project, from the birth of the idea itself to the final results. We like to solve all doubts and face the challenges posed by our partners at each stage: is it possible to extract this type of very specific information? Will we get the amount of data necessary to achieve robust results? How do we integrate this new methodology into the usual documentation of a study?

However, there is a concern that until now we have not been able to resolve: “we need data at the moment”. While it is true that automatic data extraction saves enormous amounts of time, there are steps that cannot and should not be ignored, such as the need to obtain internal approvals, turn the methodology into formal documentation, forge alliances with professionals interested in the therapeutic area and artificial intelligence, etc.

All these steps make sense when it comes to granular data, but what happens when the need is for aggregated data for decision making? Is it impossible to obtain data quickly to, for example, identify market niches or formulate first research hypotheses? The search for “no” for an answer is what led us to develop Compass.

Compass is an interface that allows answering a very simple question, but very important for decision-making: how large is a cohort that meets certain inclusion and/or exclusion criteria? The answer is Real World Data added, in just moments.

At IOMED we are driven by the desire to continue solving challenges and responding to needs to advance in medical knowledge. Starting in February, with Compass, we are proud to say that we have solved a major obstacle to advancing the clinical research industry.

What is Compass?

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